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General Information For Site Plans

When the scope of work requires a zoning permit a site plan is required as per Chapter 27 PART 4 Section 422 and when the scope of work requires a building permit a site plan is required as per UCC 403.62a(e) following the guidelines found in the Site Plan Requirements page.

The site plan provides the basis for determining lot size, width, setbacks and the percent of lot coverage for the appropriate zoning district and the amount of impervious coverage for stormwater compliance.

The site plan requirements for both zoning and building correspond to each other and provide sufficient information to determine compliance to the zoning, building and stormwater regulations.

A properly completed site plan and worksheet are important documents to assist in the processing of the permit documents in a timely manner.

Refer to Site Plan (sample plan) to view an example of a typical site plan for a residential property.

Special Note:

The following web site links may be used to provide site plan information: