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Rental Properties

Rental Property

On April 1, 2024, the Township Board of Supervisors passed two ordinances that created a rental program for Londonderry Township, those Ordinances are 2024-02 and 2024-03 and became effective on April 6, 2024.

Ordinance 2024-02 was multiple amendments to Chapter 27 Zoning of the Township Code of Ordinances. These amendments made modifications to several definitions and districts for permitted uses. Those modifications included, defining Long-Term Rentals, defining and allowing Short-Term Rentals, updating definitions and permitted districts for Bed & Breakfasts, and several other updates and changes not related to rental housing.

Ordinance 2024-03 established a new chapter of the Township Code of Ordinances, Chapter 11 Rental Housing. This chapter includes provisions for Township administration of the rental housing program, requirements for owners and property managers, and other provisions for the licensing and inspection of rental housing.

General Information

All properties that are not owner occupied within Londonderry Township should contact the Codes Department to discuss what responsibility they have to register and manage any potential "rental housing" they are operating and how it falls into the Townships zoning and rental housing program.

Below are some materials produced by the Township to help try and answer questions regarding the rental program.

Ordinances 2024-02 and 2024-03 which created the rental program are in the process of being put into digital form. When available they will be linked to this page, please review the PDFs below until such time as the digital link may be provided.


If you are a tenant that rents or a landlord that owns a rental property, you have certain rights under the law. The Pennsylvania Attorney General has put together these documents to help residents of the Commonwealth understand their rights in regard to Landlord/Tenant Issues.


If you are a landlord or a property owner that is thinking about renting a property in Londonderry Township, please review the application and information below: