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Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination

What is an Illicit Discharge?

An illicit discharge is an unlawful act of disposing, dumping, spilling, emitting, or other discharge of any substance other than stormwater into the stormwater drainage system. The stormwater drainage system includes streets, ditches, catch basins, yard inlets, lakes, and streams.

Illicit discharges cause water pollution by sending pollutants right into creeks, streams, ponds, and lakes. Be sure you know what illicit discharges are so you can help prevent water pollution and keep our streams clean!

Prevent water pollution. Call the Township to report an illicit discharge or any type of water pollution in our streams or stormwater inlets. In case of emergencies, call 911.

Examples of Illicit Discharges

  • Paint being poured into or near the storm drainage system

  • Changing oil or antifreeze over or near a storm structure

  • Washing vehicles where the runoff could drain into the storm drainage system

  • Washing dumpster pads and allowing the runoff to drain into the storm drainage system

What Information Should Be Given When Reporting a Suspected Illicit Discharge?

  • What is your name and best contact information? This information is kept confidential and is only used if the Township requires additional information.

  • What time did you see the discharge? It is important that illicit discharges are reported immediately so the person(s) responsible can be found and the discharge can be cleaned up and corrected as soon as possible. We want to respond as quickly as possible to prevent pollution to our environment.

  • Where did you see the discharge? We'll need an address, intersection, business name, or landmark to help us quickly find the illicit discharge.

  • What do you think the discharge is? Was it a paint spill, oil spill, sewer leak, or some another type of illicit discharge?

Report A Spill

Illicit Discharge Reporting Hotline: 717-944-1803

Monday – Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm
Contact Monique Dykman, MS4 Coordinator & Environmental Specialist.

After business hours
Contact Monique at 717-461-0027 or contact the DEP at 866-825-0208

Download Londonderry Township’s Plan for Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination