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Stray Animals

Humane Society of Harrisburg Area

7790 Grayson Road
Harrisburg, PA  17011

Londonderry Township contracts with the Humane Society of the Harrisburg Area each year to allow Township residents to bring in both feral cats and strays cats and dogs. Before bringing the animals to the Humane Society residents must first obtain a trap and release voucher OR an animal surrender form from the Township office. Animals are not permitted inside the Township building.

Trap and release vouchers (feral cats only)

Feral cats are those that scratch, bite, run, and won’t allow humans to handle them.

The trap and release vouchers are for feral cats only. The animal must be placed in a crate prior to obtaining a voucher from the Township office. One voucher per animal is given. The resident must make an appointment with the Humane Society to have the animal spayed or neutered. The animal will then be returned to the resident so that the resident can release the animal in the original location where it was found. NOTE: If a feral cat is deemed to be adoptable the Humane Society will keep the cat and charge the Township the animal surrender fee and provide replacement trap and release vouchers at no charge.

Animal Surrender Forms (adoptable/friendly cats and dogs)

The animal surrender form is for stray cats and dogs. Residents can obtain an animal surrender form at the Township office once the animal has been placed in a crate. One form per animal is given. No appointment is needed to surrender stray animals at the Humane Society.

Lost & Found Pets

If you have lost or found a pet we will gladly take your name and phone number at the Municipal Building in the event the owner calls or someone finds your dog and calls the township to report it.  We will also post the information (w/picture if provided) on our Facebook page and website.  We DO NOT take in animals or remove abandoned or lost animals.   

Other suggestions for locating the owner or finding your lost pet:
  • Call local vets and animal shelters

  • Have the dog checked at a vets office for a microchip or tattoo that would indicate who the owner is

  • Check "Craigslist" for lost pet or post "found pet"  (It's free!)

  • Contact an animal rescue organization for the particular breed