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Property Maintenance


Londonderry Township has adopted an amended version of the 2018 International Property Maintenance Code published by the International Code Council. The original adoption of a Property Maintenance Code occurred in 2010, with the current 2018 standards being adopted by Ordinance 2022-01 on 08/01/2022.

Reference Standards

The IPMC is designed so that the local municipality is required to fill in certain information for their local jurisdiction. These items are for requirements such as fine costs, dates for heating requirements, and similar other fill in items. The first link below is to the Township Code which includes these required fill in items and other changes to items amended to meet the standards of Pennsylvania law. The second link below is to the unamended 2018 IPMC as published by the ICC and made available on their website.

  • Amended 2018 IPMC as adopted by Township: VIEW
  • 2018 IPMC as published by the ICC: VIEW

Property Maintenance Concerns

If you have a concern regarding a property maintenance issue, please fill out and submit to the Township Codes Department a Citizen Input Form so that an investigation may be opened into the issue.

Forms may be submitted in person at the Townshp Office or via email to