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Permit Submittal Guide for Electrical Work

When the scope of the proposed project does not include any structural change or change in use and fails to meet the requirements of an ordinary repair but involves an extension, addition, relocation, replacement or change in the electrical system within the existing building envelope it is considered an alteration that requires an electrical permit.

Alterations that require an, electrical permit are by definition the removal, replacement or relocation of any system within the existing building envelope involving electrical work that does not meet the definition of minor repair and is governed by the building code.

Electrical Systems

IRC defines an electrical system as a system specifically addressed and regulated by the International Residential Code and the National Electric Code composed of various components, devices, appliances and equipment.

Electrical work includes, but is not limited to the installation or replacement of:

  • Electrical service replacement: (Meter base, disconnect(s) and/or electrical panels/sub-panels)

    NOTE: A Work Order number must be obtained for all electrical service replacements by directly contacting the service provider.
  • re-wiring including, but not limited to, new home run circuit wiring to existing room receptacles and/or lighting fixtures

  • new circuit(s) or extensions of existing circuits with the addition of new receptacle locations and/or lighting fixtures

  • new circuit(s) for sump pumps, radon fans, garbage disposals or other motor loads

  • new circuit(s) and wiring associated with new or replacement of 110-volt smoke alarms

  • new circuit(s) and/or wiring to exterior lighting, low voltage transformers, exterior receptacles, pond receptacle(s) and other 110-volt landscape lighting

Electrical Permit Application for an Alteration shall include the following:

  • A completed Electrical Application with original signature

  • Three (3) copies of complete construction documents including plans and specifications.

  • Review the Uniform Construction Code for scope of work requirements.

  • One (1) copy of the Workers' Compensation Form

Permit Fee:

  • Building Permit fee consistent with the fee schedule shall be calculated by the Code Official and shall be paid prior to issuing the Permit

Plan review costs:

  • Third Party Agency plan review costs are not included as part of the permit fee

  • Owner/applicant is responsible for Third Party plan review costs


  • Third Party Agency inspections are required for all work

  • Third Party inspection costs are not included as part of the permit fee

  • Owner/applicant is responsible for Third Party inspection fees

  • A copy of all Third Party inspection(s) shall be provided to the Township

  • The permit applicant is responsible for making arrangements for inspections and insuring that the required inspections have been performed by a 3rd Party Inspection Agency approved by the Township.

  • The required inspections are indicated on the back of the Permit card.

  • When calling for required inspections the following information is necessary:

    • Contractor Name,
    • Project Location,
    • Building Permit Number and
    • Type of Inspection.


This Permit Submittal Guide is a general reference guide intended to assist in the preparation, submittal and review of the documents necessary to issue a permit. Additional information may be required based on job specific design and construction situations.

  • All projects will be evaluated and reviewed in terms of compliance with applicable codes as adopted by Londonderry Township.

  • Construction documents and plan reviews shall be performed by a 3rd party review agency.

  • Upon issuance of the permit, it shall be posted and visible from the public street.

  • If the project is located in a floodplain / floodway a floodplain development permit is required.