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Londonderry Township 2020 Fee Schedule

Building Permit Fees

Minimum Fee


Per $1,000 of "estimated value of construction"


Re-inspection for same item (call back) fee

$55.00 per re-visit

Re-inspection for same item (call back) fee ISLAND PROPERTIES

$175.00 per re-visit

State Fee (all building permits require a State Fee)


Renewal Fee

1/2 of the original fee plus State Fee

Third Party plan review costs are not included in the Building Permit Fee

Building permit fees shall be computed based on the greater of "contract price" or "estimated value of construction". The "estimated value of construction" shall be determined by multiplying the square foot construction cost factor as listed below by the total square footage of work area for the proposed improvement.

"Estimated Value" Construction Factor

Proposed Use GroupSquare Foot Construction Cost

1 and 2 family detached dwellings; multi-family; apartments; townhouses; and attached dwellings


Residential garages – attached


Residential garages – detached


Carports or Porches


Basements – unfinished


Basements – finished





Per contract price

MEP Permit Fees

Mechanical Permit


Electrical Permit


Plumbing Permit


Zoning Permit, Manufactured (Mobile) Home Installations, Industrialized (Modular) Homes, Fence Permit, Zoning Hearing Board Fees

Zoning Permit


Fence Permit – Zoning Permit


Zoning Hearing (Variance/Conditional Use) Fees

$500.00 plus cost of adv.

Zoning Changes

$500.00 plus cost of adv.

Application to Appeal to a Hearing

$500.00 plus cost of adv.

Demolition Residential


Demolition Non-Residential


Demolition Accessory Building


Temporary permit (seasonal items, roadside produce stand, vendor permit & special events)

$25.00 (each occurrence)

Manufactured (Mobile) Home Installation

$300.00 plus Zoning Permit

Industrialized (Modular) Home Installation

$500.00 plus Zoning Permit

Subdivision And Land Development Plan Application Fees

Sketch Plan

Basic Fee:


Preliminary / Final Plan

Basic Fee Residential:


Additional Fee:

$10.00 per lot or unit of occupancy

Basic Fee Non-Residential


Additional Fee:

$10.00 per 1000 square feet

Lot Add-On Plan

Basic Fee:


Plan Modification / Waiver Request (per request):


Flood Plain Fees

Flood Plain Development application/submission review fee


Flood Plain Development Permit (at issuance)


Flood Plain Determination Plan (LOMA/LOMR)


Flood Plain Site Inspection/Investigation with boat involved

$150.00 (each occurrence)

Flood Plain Plan/Permit Escrow (w/Engineering Review):


*A permit shall not be required for minor repairs (as defined by the Ordinance) to existing buildings or structures.

Stand Alone Plan Application Fees

Stormwater Plan:

Minor (Residential – 6 or fewer lots/units)


Major (Residential – 7 or more lots/units and Commercial/Industrial)


Stormwater management plan exemption request


Escrow Fund:


Sketch plan:


Preliminary / Final

Minor plan (1-3 lots or units):


Minor plan (4-10 lots or units):


Major plan (>10):

$5000.00 plus $30/lot or unit


Sketch plan:


Preliminary / Final:











NOTE: Any Escrow Fund that decreases below $100.00 must, at the request of the Township, be "recharged" to at least $500.00 before any additional Township review process may continue. This requirement is applicable to any required Escrow amount of $500.00 or more.

Sign Permit Fees

0 – 50 square feet


51 – 200 square feet


201 – 300 square feet


Additional Building Permit fees may apply depending upon the type of sign and method of construction

OLSDS Administrative Fee Schedule

On Lot Sewage Disposal System inspection and pumping reports shall be submitted to the Township with an administrative fee in accordance with the following schedule:

initial fee with report received by June 30th


late fee with report received after July 15th


Any report submitted after July 30th shall be in violation of the OLSDS Ordinance and shall be adjudicated thru the District Justice with a minimum fine of $300 plus cost of prosecution and the Township's reasonable attorneys' fees.

Sewer Permit Fees

On-lot Sanitary Sewer fees for Probe and Perk Tests, Holding Tanks, Permits and/or site inspections are based upon hourly rates as established with the Township Sewage Enforcement Officer (SEO).

Public Sanitary Sewer Reservation and Tapping fees, Construction Escrow and Usage Charges are as established with the operating general Sewer Authority.

Park Pavilion Rental

Pavilion #1 or #2 (small)


Pavilion #3 (large)


Employee/Volunteer/Non-Profit – Weekends

$25.00 – small $75.00 – large

Employee/Volunteer/Non-Profit – Weekdays


Junkyard Permit

Annual inspection and renewal




Highway Occupancy Permits

In accordance with Chapter 21 Part 1 §102 of Londonderry Township Ordinance 1974-5 dated 06-07-74 the permit application for Road Openings and Excavation shall be accompanied by a fee set forth by the Department of Transportation for highway occupancy permits and restoration charges as set forth below:


These fees are applied to the administrative costs incurred in reviewing the application and plan(2) and issuing and processing the permit, including the preliminary review of the site location identified in the application, whether or not a permit is issued and processed.

Schedule Item No.Unit Fee

1) Application fee

a) Utility


b) Driveways

(i) minimum use

(e.g., single-family dwellings, apartments with five or fewer units)

(ii) low volume

(e.g., office buildings, car washes)

(iii) medium volume

(e.g., motels, fast food restaurants, service stations, small shopping plazas)

(iv) high volume

(e.g., large shopping centers, multi-building apartment or office complexes)

c) Other (e.g., bank removal, sidewalk and curb)


2) Supplement Fees (each six-month time extension) (each submitted change)


3) Emergency Permit Card (each card)


4) Exemption (see below for list of exemptions)

5) Driveway Repair Permit


These fees are applied to the cost incurred in the preliminary review of the location covered by the permit, and/or spot inspection of the permitted work, and/or subsequent inspection after the permitted work has been completed to ensure compliance with PADOT and Township specifications and permit provisions.

If an opening simultaneously occupies two or more highway areas identified in Sub-paragraphs (i)-(iii), only the higher fee will be charged

6) Driveways

a) Each minimum use driveway


b) Each low-volume driveway


c) Each medium-volume driveway


d) Each high-volume driveway


7) Surface Openings:

(These fees are calculated on the total linear feet of the opening being permitted within different areas of the right-of-way.)

a) Total linear feet of opening each (100 foot increment or fraction thereof):

(i) Opening in pavement


(ii) Opening in shoulder


(iii) Opening outside pavement and shoulder


b) If a longitudinal opening simultaneously occupies two or more highway areas identified in subparagraph (a), only the higher fee will be charged. Linear distances shall be measured to the nearest foot.

8) Surface Openings of Less than 36 Square Feet

(e.g., service connections performed independently of underground facility installation, Pipe line repairs) (each opening)

(i) Opening in pavement


(ii) Opening in shoulder


(iii) Opening outside pavement and shoulder


9) Above-Ground Facilities (e.g., poles, guys and/or anchors if installed independently of poles)

a) Up to 10 physically connected above-ground facilities (each continuous group)


b) Additional above-ground physically connected facilities (each pole with appurtenances)


10) Crossings (e.g., "overhead" tipples, conveyors or pedestrian walkways and "under grade" subways or mines)


11) Seismograph – Vibroseis Method (e.g., prospecting for oil, gas)

a) First mile


b) Each additional mile or fraction thereof

hourly rate - $ 5.00

12) Non-Emergency Test Holes in Pavement or Shoulder (each hole)


13) Other (e.g., bank removal, sidewalk and curb)


Permit issuance fees and general permit inspection fees are not payable by any of the following:

1) The Commonwealth.

2) Political subdivisions of the Commonwealth, except when placing a facility longitudinally within more than 100 total linear feet of pavement. In that case, the application and inspection fees for pavement openings will be charged.

3) Governmental authorities organized under the laws of the Commonwealth.

4) The Federal Government.

5) Charitable organizations that are in compliance with Act No. 337, approved August 9, 1963, P.L. 628, as amended (churches, hospitals, schools, charitable institutions, veterans' organizations, non-profit organizations).

6) Utility facility owners for:

a) The installation of street lights at the request of PADOT or the political subdivision.

b) The replacement or renewal of their facilities prior to a Township resurfacing project after notice from the Township.

c) The removal of poles and attached appurtenances.

d) Facilities moved at the request of PADOT or the political subdivision.

e) The reconstruction or maintenance of their facilities that occupy the right-of-way under private status.

Additional Inspection Fees

If the Township determines that the permitted work is of sufficient magnitude or importance to warrant assignment of one or more persons to inspect the permitted work on a more than spot inspection basis, the permit will so indicate and the permittee shall be charged for additional salary, overhead and expenses incurred by each assigned inspector and the Township.