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Londonderry Township was mandated to commence a comprehensive enforcement of the Floodplain Development Ordinance in addition to other generally applicable ordinances and regulations as described in the Community Assistance Visit (CAV) report prepared by FEMA.

One such ordinance is the On-Lot Sewage Disposal System ordinance (OLSDS) that regulates the installation, inspection, operation, rehabilitation, replacement and timely ongoing maintenance of OLSDS's within the Township. Given the fact that all the island properties are located within a floodway and are governed by the Floodplain Development Ordinance they are by extension required to comply with the requirements of the On-Lot Sewage Disposal System Ordinance.

The ordinance requires that every OLSDS in the Township shall be inspected and every treatment tank or cesspool associated with every OLSDS shall be pumped at least one time according to an established schedule.

The Ordinance further states that after completion of the first cycle of inspections the Township may allow treatment tanks to be pumped out at less-frequent intervals when it can be demonstrated to the Township that the property the OLSDS serves is not occupied on a full time basis.

Subsequently Resolution 2021-04 was approved that authorized owners of seasonal cabins located on specific islands in the Susquehanna River to submit a “Seasonal Cabin / Manufactured (Mobile) Home Affidavit” that would allow them to extend their On-Lot Sewage Disposal System (OLSDS) pumping and inspection requirement provided they submit an Affidavit to the Township.

Failure to submit an OLSDS report in lieu of a seasonal cabin Affidavit is a violation of the OLSDS ordinance subject to adjudication under Chapter 18 §18-123(4) of the OLSDS Ordinance.


Instructions for Completing the Affidavit form:

The affidavit form is fillable and may be completed and submitted on-line together with the $25 administrative fee.

Download Affidavit

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