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Posted Thursday, March 17, 2022

Woodcrest Dr/Pasture Dr Construction

Begins Monday, 3/21

To the residents of Londonderry Estates, on Monday, March 21, Kinsley Construction will begin paving restoration of Woodcrest Dr and Pasture Dr. Some of the driveways have a white line across the end at the street. This is where we have established the paving repair will end in the driveway. After the paving is completed, Kinsley Construction will make repairs to any lawns that were damaged during construction. After the interior streets are paved, the section of Steinruck Rd and Ballyshannon Dr where the sanitary sewer lines were installed will be repaired.  This entire paving project should last approximately two weeks. Thank you for your patience during this construction project. If any resident has any questions or concerns about this, please contact Andy Brandt, Public Works Director @ 717-443-5426 or email