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Posted Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Londonderry Township Special Fire Police

Londonderry Township’s Volunteer Fire Police provide on-scene traffic control, equipment and personnel safety, and crowd control for 911 dispatched emergencies such as fires and vehicle crashes.  

Upon request Fire Police also provide traffic control for planned events within Londonderry Township as well as in the surrounding local area.  Pending the nature of the event, the Fire Police may be in uniform or in Hi-Visability attire for safety in moving traffic environments.   

Interested men and women need to be 18 years of age, they must complete an application, undergo a background check, be a member of the Londonderry Fire Company, be accepted by the township supervisors, sworn-in and complete the Basic Fire Police Course.  The course provides guidance on state laws and police powers, dealing with emergency scenes, traffic patterns and control devices.  

For more information e-mail,  call 944-2175, or go to the web site