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Posted Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Met-Ed Visual Inspections

Please be advised that starting the second week of January, weather permitting, Met-Ed will begin performing comprehensive visual inspections (CVIs) on all Met-Ed 500kV transmission lines. This is a part of their normal protocol and the inspections are done routinely. These inspections are anticipated to take two to three weeks to complete, but all work is strongly weather dependent and inclement weather or outage patrols may extend the effort. The helicopter to be used for these patrols is as follows: 

Black, Hughes MD500 with red, tail registration number N5027P.

A comprehensive visual inspection (CVI) is a slow, structure-by-structure, span-by-span inspection where the inspector onboard the helicopter gets a thorough look from top to bottom of each structure, associated hardware, and conductors of the transmission line(s). The helicopter will be moving very slowly along each of the transmission lines and will often be seen hovering while carrying out these inspections. 

The flight crew will be in communication with any local airports when in their airspace. 

For the safety of all involved, please allow these crews significant distance to conduct their work safely.