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Posted Thursday, January 30, 2020



 The PENNVEST Board meeting was held yesterday, at which time Londonderry Township’s application was discussed and an offer was made for the Woodcrest Estates Sanitary Sewer Project.  Below is the funding that the Township received:

“Londonderry Township received a $283, 700.00 loan and a grant of $108,300.00 to design the extension of sewer lines to new growth areas of the township and connections to the Derry Township Municipal Authority for treatment.  The project will design a remedy for an area that has confirmed onlot systems with a 24% failure rate and the potential for more broad system failure.”

The next steps in the process include the Township taking formal action to accept the offer and then begin the process of closing on the loan in order to be able to receive funding. 

In the meantime, we are updating our agreement for professional services for the Township’s approval.  We are working on scheduling our survey and subsurface utility marking company to begin the process of collecting all of the field data.  Updates will be posted when that work is scheduled to begin.  

Additionally, I would like to schedule a meeting at the Township Building for either the 19th, 20th, or 21st of February to review the next steps, discuss the survey efforts and how each of the homeowners can help, and to hand out stakes and flags that can be used to help us locate existing wells and septic systems.