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Posted Friday, February 8, 2019

Three Mile Island Closure

We need your Help!

The clock is ticking and time is running out relative to the potential closing of the Three Mile Island power plant in our township.  Londonderry Township has joined regional stakeholders in the Clean Jobs for Pennsylvania coalition to sound the alarm to legislators that we need a solution to level the playing field relative to the energy markets.  The pending closing of TMI will impact every resident of the township and the regional economy. TMI contributes approximately $1 million annually in local taxes to the county, school district and township.  If TMI closes taxes will have to be raised to make up for this shortfall.

Additionally, TMI is a strong supporter of local charities and non-profits. Working together with the township, over the past several years TMI has raised about $650,000 for the Londonderry Volunteer Fire Company.  This is a direct savings to each of us as taxpayers because Londonderry Township is legally obligated to provide fire service to its residents and the funds raised help offset our fire company’s expenses. 

TMI is by far the largest employer in the township with 675 full time jobs and hundreds of skilled labor jobs during refueling outages.  We simply cannot allow the plant to be closed prematurely.  Please contact Governor Wolf and your state representatives and senators to express your support for finding a solution to keep TMI operating in Londonderry Township.  If you are unsure who to contact please call the township at 717 944-1803.  You can also go to to join the coalition or to contact your legislators.   

In addition to the financial concerns, there are climate change and air quality concerns relative to the closure of TMI and other nuclear plants.  Nuclear plants produce zero carbon emissions and we all are seeing the impact of climate change and carbon emissions from other sources of energy production.   The time to act is now, we cannot wait any longer, call or write your state representatives so that your voice is heard.